A sampling of press coverage of Nathans, et al:

Newsweek Magazine - My Turn: How Carol Joynt was "Suddenly Widowed and Fighting the IRS"

The Washington Post - Style Profile: Megan Rosenfeld's profile of Carol Joynt and Nathans

Moneypants: Carol Joynt's take on personal finance

The West End Guide: Ross Rapaport's report on Nathans Q&A with Art Buchwald;
calls Nathans "A new Washington hangout."

Washingtonian Magazine: Bob Woodward tells Chuck Conconi
Nathans is his favorite restaurant

Washington Life: Coverage of Nathan's 35th anniversary party

The Newshour - PBS: Nathans owner Carol Joynt, Jeff Zucker and ken Auletta
talk the "Get Game" with correspondent Terrence Smith

CNN: "Inside Politics" asks Carol Joynt about Washington
in the summer and the famous exploding manholes

Mr. Breakfast: Nathans voted Best Breakfast in the category "Classy Joint"

The Washington Post: Richard Leiby's "Reliable Source"
reviews the appearance of Arun Gandhi at the Q&A lunch