The Photographs of David Hume Kennerly

 Copyright David Hume Kennerly/Kennerly.comCopyright David Hume Kennerly/Kennerly.com
Copyright David Hume Kennerly/Kennerly.com
Copyright David Hume Kennerly/Kennerly.com

         "In his photographs we see people and historical events through the keen, alert eye of an eminent camera artist."

. . . The Winds of War author and Georgetowner Herman Wouk

             Nathans is proud to display in its dining room the photographs of Pulitzer Prize winner David Hume Kennerly.

            Mr. Kennerly has been photographing on the front lines of history for four decades.  He relocated from his native Oregon to Washington, DC in 1969 to work for United Press International.  Since then he has photographed eight wars, seven presidents, a few dozen heads of state, scores of the famous and infamous, and has traveled to 140 countries along the way. 

            He is an authentic global photographer, as much in his element in the jungle or desert covering a war as he is in the Oval Office, on the campaign trail, or photographing on the set of television’s top sitcom.  He never gives up on his quest to capture the decisive moment.

            The photos displayed in the "back room" are a premium sampling of Mr. Kennerly’s thousands of archived images. They were chosen because of their cleverness, humor, and topicality, and because they will resonate with Nathans customers, who come in all ages, political persuasions, and from every corner of the planet.  

            Mr. Kennerly won a Pulitzer Prize for his photos of the Vietnam War, and was White House photographer for President Gerald R. Ford.   He has also been a contributor for Time, Life, and John F, Kennedy, Jr’s George magazine. He was nominated for a primetime Emmy award for producing “The Taking of Flight 847,” and a television movie was made from his biography, “Shooter,” which won an Emmy for Best Cinematography. A major exhibition of photographs from his latest book “Photo Du Jour,” some of which are displayed here, were exhibited at the Smithsonian. Kennerly is currently a Contributing Editor for Newsweek magazine.

            Original prints from the same limited editions displayed at Nathans are available for purchase through Galerie Lareuse, adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel at 2820 M Street, NW.  The phone number is 202.333.1505.

            For more information about David Hume Kennerly and his work, please visit: www.kennerly.com

*Photo of David Hume Kennerly by Karen Ballard