Nathans of Georgetown, Washington D.C.



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Arun Gandhi's Very Positive Approach

Arun Gandhi -- peace activist, adviser to the U.N. secretary general and yes, grandson of Mohandas K. Gandhi -- wrapped up a brief visit to Washington yesterday by doing what he does best: advocating nonviolence. "We all contribute to violence every day in our lives," he told a community lunch crowd at Nathans restaurant in Georgetown. "Consciously and unconsciously."

The 71-year-old -- who looks decades younger -- has lived in America for 18 years. He considers his name a great legacy but told us: "Sometimes I get reactions -- in unexpected places. Like security at the airport. It doesn't help very much. They still frisk me."

And, in case you're wondering, he loved the movie "Gandhi," starring Ben Kingsley, but admits he now has problems seeing the actor in any other role: "It's ironic how you stereotype people."

Former ambassador to Ireland Margaret Heckler summed up the hour-long chat as "a class in fundamentals." The primary lesson from Gandhi:

"Keep your thoughts positive because thoughts will become your words. Keep your words positive because words will become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because behavior will become your habit. Keep your habits positive because habits will become your values. Keep your values positive because values will become your destiny."

"Wow. Maybe you should address a joint session of Congress," quipped Nathans owner Carol Joynt.