My Georgetown

This is a page of random, arbritary favorites. It's literally "my" Georgetown (and other parts of DC) - where I shop, eat, walk, relax, hide out and find pleasure in our town.


This is Jettie's sandwich shop on Foxhall Road.
It's a great place to stop for, durr, a sandwich, ice cream,
an iced tea, good conversation with cute young men.
Spencer love's the Nobadeer. I like the Lobster Roll. 202.965.3663

Whenever I see my shrink, who's office is nearby,
I stop into C.F. Folks on 19th Street for a sandwich and
pre-therapy with owner Art Carlson. The scene at the
lunch counter is cooler, and more powerful, than any
see-and-be-seen power spot in the city. The awning in the
background belongs to The Palm. Another downtown favorite. 202.293.0162

I shouldn't even share this, because it is where I go to
hide out. It is Makoto Japanese restaurant on MacArthur
Boulevard. It's like a spa with food, and after an hour
there eating special, lovely food, I feel like I've had a
massage - both of body and mind. 202.298.6866

Also on MacArthur, right near Makoto, is Inga's "Once Is
Not Enough" consignment shop. For years I've been taking
my old designer clothes here -- from my former life -- to make
a little change to buy new clothes that relate to my new life. She
has a wonderful selection of all the top labels and in excellent
condition. I know. She won't take anything that's truly "worn." 202.337.3072

I'm a chocaholic. In Georgetown there's only one place to
go to feed my habit: Leonidas Chocolates at 1531 Wisconsin Avenue. The owner, Laurent
is helpful, handsome and charming. When I'm near Mazza Gallerie
I stop into Kron's for a dose of their truffles. True killers. Leonidas: 202.944.1898

Amano is known as a "tabletop" shop. That means everything for
the table. But owner Adam Mahr has much more than that. It's the best
place to buy a gift - for others OR yourself, or your garden. The service
is excellent. Ask for Adam or Jeff and say "Carol sent me." 202.298.7200

If you feel flush and want to give your car a treat, take it to Detailz on
Wisconsin Avenue for its own version of a fluff and a buff. That dirty old
hunk of metal comes out of here as if brand new from the showroom floor. 202.333.0324

Bacchus Wine Cellar, a wonderful wine shop at 1635 Wisconsin Avenue. I'm a sucker
for any shop that has a birdcage in the front window and a smart inventory of
wine . Also, they carry my favorite rose - Bandol. 202.337.2003 or

Marston Luce and his wife, Julie, have the best edited collection of
French country antiques you could hope to find. They know their merchandise and
provide clever design advice. When they
are not here, they are in France. The shop is at 1675 Wisconsin. 202.333.6800
Next to Patisserie Poupon.

Mrs. Blair's wonderful little shop on upper Wisconsin. Go here for treats and
charming little gift items; collectible trinkets, and to chat with Mrs. Blair
about her son, Bo, who owns Smith Point.

Basil, the place to go in Georgetown for authentic Thai. It's a nice off the
beaten path getaway place, too. And they deliver. Love their "Bon Bon" seafood
baked in foil. Also their mango sticky rice dessert. And their green papaya salad...
and on and on. All of it.

I can't afford the membership at the Georgetown Club, but I accept
every opportunity to visit their wood-paneled dining room. It's what a
Georgetown private club dining room would look like if designed by Hollywood.

O, the calories, but O, the pleasure. Thomas Sweet ice cream shop at the
corner of Wisconsin and P. Everyone goes here and it's always crowded. Say hello
to Mr. "Ali" the owner. Ask him for a recommendation. I love the sweet cream. Spencer
is a fiend for the cookie monster.







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